Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cards Against Humanity - All White Backgrounds Version

I have modified the stock Cards Against Humanity PDF from to use all-white backgrounds, so I could print the cards with my inkjet printer and not cry for all the wasted ink.

Doing it was surprisingly hard: I had to use a combination of pdfedit and

All credits for the original game go to the original authors, I just repainted the walls.

CAH_MainGame_AllWhite.pdf (Mirror 1)
CAH_MainGame_AllWhite.pdf (Mirror 2)

sha1sum is 602f8cbf92af1933e9613812e7610fa629c1a13f, have fun!

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Wayne M. Cheah said...

hi Ivo, just want you to know that your hard work was not of naught, my friends and I have enjoyed playing your all white version so much! Printed the black cards on red paper instead. Easier to distinguish! have a nice day!