Sunday, July 07, 2013


Was looking into this mysterious AEG AX500 cellphone, and as I suspected it's a rebrand of the Karbonn A9+ / CM Flare. Also check the thread at xda-developers.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Skype Group Video Calling not possible on Linux nor Android

As the title says, group video calling is currently not possible on Linux nor Android. This means that while you can participate in a group call, you will not be able to see other people, nor will they see you, only sound is possible.

This happens EVEN if you pay for a premium Skype account.

Official statements:
Linux: "... However, it is not possible to make group video calls." (top of the page)
Android: "Unfortunately, Skype for Android does not support group video calls. You can participate in a group call, but only using audio - you will not be able to send or receive video." (last question)

Note that other people may or may not see an error, while all you will see is a disabled video button.

Hope this helps someone. Because this needs to be stated more clearly. On the client. When you try to enable the call. Not hidden somewhere on semi-related pages.